What Can I Do To Prevent Foot Ulcers

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Description: If you are someone who has health issues that leave you susceptible to foot ulcers, such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, or neuropathy, it is important to understand how you can prevent these painful and often debilitating wounds from developing. People with diabetes often experience peripheral neuropathy, where the nerves in the feet become damaged and they don’t sense pain as they should. When this happens, the only way to know if a sore is forming on your foot is to inspect your feet daily. For anyone who has diabetes, or other health issues that might cause reduced circulation or neuropathy, it’s extremely important to practice proper hygiene. This includes washing your feet every day with warm water and mild soap. Paying special attention to the spaces between the toes. We at Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates services the people of Joliet, IL, Plainfield, IL, and Bolingbrook. Do not wait for your minor irritation to become a full-fledged problem see one of our podiatrists experts today! View our services to see how we can help.